Installing and using Code Coverage plugin in NetBeans 6.5

One of techniques to ensure that software is properly and thoroughly tested is to get code coverage information and find which blocks of code weren’t executed at all.

There is a number of code coverage tools for Java applications. One of them, free and mature is Emma ( ) which is one used by NetBeans code coverage plugin.

Installing plugin

To install plugin, select Tools -> Plugins and choose “Code Coverage” in the list of available plugins:


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Installing NetBeans on Ubuntu – official way (updated)

There is NetBeans package in Ubuntu repositories. The official and supported way is to install it using apt. In that case, NetBeans will be updated automatically.

Problem with this approach is that current NetBeans package is not the last one. On November 23rd 2008 it was version 6.01. In case that you need newer package, follow procedure described in Installing NetBeans 6.5 on Linux / Ubuntu.

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Adding Sybase JDBC driver to NetBeans 6.5

NetBeans 6.5 includes JDBC drivers for Postgresql and Mysql, two most popular opensource databases. Database integration in NetBeans is done is such way that it is possible to create database connection and use it in built-in SQL client or JPA modelling/programming.

In order to use databases more common in enterprise world, we need to add a JDBC driver to NetBeans.

In this example we will add and configure Sybase database connection.

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Installing Netbeans 6.5 on Linux – Ubuntu

Note: Recently released Ubuntu 9.04 has NetBeans 6.5 in its repositories. Read how to install it in Update – Installing NetBeans 6.5 on Ubuntu 9.04.

Another note: This article is also available in Spanish: Como instalar NetBeans en Ubuntu

NetBeans 6.5 is just out. There is a Linux installer for it and I will show in few steps how it works:

To download installation, click here:

To ensure that download was successfull and that archive is not tampered with, you can calculate md5 checksum and compare the value with one from the NetBeans’ website:


To make downloaded archive executable open shell and in the directory where the file is type:

chmod +x

and after that execute it:

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