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Update – Netbeans 6.5 on Ubuntu/Kubuntu 9.04

After installing Kubuntu 9.04 I checked for NetBeans version in repository – and it was 6.5.

So now official way of installing NetBeans 6.5 is:

sudo apt-get install netbeans

This will install NetBeans and a lot of dependencies. After download and installation are finished, you will have NetBeans properly installed on your computer.

This means that manual installation as described before is discouraged, at least until NetBeans 6.7 is released.


Installing Patch 1 for NetBeans 6.5

First patch for NetBeans 6.5 was published on December 9th 2008.It brings number of enhancements and bug fixes.

Patch should be installed through NetBeans update process.

Open Tools -> Plugins menu.

In Updates tab, after clicking Reload Catalog button we’ll see ‘Auto Update Services’ available:


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How to Install Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) on Ubuntu / Linux

Eclipse is leading open source development environments for Java, with support for JEE and JME development and entire ecosystem of plugins that makes it suitable for any software development task.

At the moment of writing, Ubuntu repositories contain Eclipse 3.2.2 while latest release is version 3.4.1. If one wants to stay current with Eclipse version, it has to be installed manually.

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