Installing Patch 1 for NetBeans 6.5

First patch for NetBeans 6.5 was published on December 9th 2008.It brings number of enhancements and bug fixes.

Patch should be installed through NetBeans update process.

Open Tools -> Plugins menu.

In Updates tab, after clicking Reload Catalog button we’ll see ‘Auto Update Services’ available:


We will click ‘Update’ in lower part of dialog window and confirm the version of ‘Auto Update Services’ plugin:


Next, we need to accept the license:


After plugin is installed, NetBeans has to be restarted:


Updating NetBeans

Now, with autoupdate feature updated, we can update NetBeans itself. Go again to Tools -> Plugins and click ‘Reload Catalog’. Number of updateable plugins will vary depending on NetBeans version installed – you might not see same number as in image below.


We’ll see list of plugins chosen for update and change in their version numbers. Only major version change if for Glassfish v3 application server.


We need to accept licenses now:


and then wait for update process to download selected plugins:


When download finishes, we have to restart NetBeans in order for changes to take effect:


When NetBeans restarts it is up-to-date and ready to use.


7 responses to “Installing Patch 1 for NetBeans 6.5

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  2. My Update Tab itself is disabled and asking for proxy configurations please help me.
    Thank You

    • Hi,

      what is your internet connection? Do you use proxy server to connect to internet?

      If you know your proxy configuration, you can set it up in menu Tools -> Options, in General tab.

      Keep me posted


  3. no actually my system does not make of any proxy settings so i have kept there use system settings and i am not getting the news and all updates in the start page also

  4. i have the seem thing like Harsha, i use a ADSL connexion

  5. well sir
    i’m tryin to instal netbean6.5 in my system
    for this i install jdk 7
    then i double click on ide 6.5
    immediately a small window opens nd show configuring the installer thn its completes nd disapper from d screen
    then aftr this no further. instalation process comes i did this no of time nd d big thing is this it does’t show any missin file and all
    plz tell me sir wat should do m jst screwed up with this irrelevent problam..
    plz help me…

    • Anand,
      version 6.5 is old one. Try to download and install latest NetBeans 6.8

      If it doesn’t work please provide more info about your platform.

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