Installing Netbeans 6.5 on Linux – Ubuntu

Note: Recently released Ubuntu 9.04 has NetBeans 6.5 in its repositories. Read how to install it in Update – Installing NetBeans 6.5 on Ubuntu 9.04.

Another note: This article is also available in Spanish: Como instalar NetBeans en Ubuntu

NetBeans 6.5 is just out. There is a Linux installer for it and I will show in few steps how it works:

To download installation, click here:

To ensure that download was successfull and that archive is not tampered with, you can calculate md5 checksum and compare the value with one from the NetBeans’ website:


To make downloaded archive executable open shell and in the directory where the file is type:

chmod +x

and after that execute it:


NetBeans requires Java to be installed. In case that installer is not able to find Java already installed, we can install Sun’s JDK version 6 by typing:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk

If Java dependency is satisfied, installer will be launched:


here I am installing two versions of Glassfish, Sun’s J2EE application server.

We need to accept licence:


In second step we need to specify directory where we wish to install NetBeans and which JDK it will use. I installed NetBeans to my home folder and not to Ubuntu default location. For JDK I have specified java-6-sun which is a link to currently installed Sun JDK 6, so it will not become invalid after upgrading JDK.


In next step we specify installation folder for Glassfish v2 and which JDK it uses. We need to suply username and password for the admin user, too.


Now the same for Glassfish v3:


We can review installation directories before continuing:


Now we need to wait for installation to copy all required files:


When the installation is complete, we can decide to allow anonymous usage tracking and to run NetBeans and Glassfish registration.


We have successfully installed NetBeans 6.5. If there was previous NetBeans installation we will be offered the opportunity to import existing settings and projects. In my case, project import from previosly installed NetBeans 6.1 was successfull.



Now you’re ready to start using latest version of NetBeans.

Installing Patch 1 for NetBeans 6.5

In order to apply first patch for NetBeans 6.5, read Install Patch 1 for NetBeans 6.5

Installing NetBeans using apt-get

If you’re interested in process of installing NetBeans from Ubuntu repositories, check my other post Installing NetBeans on Ubuntu – Official Way


I would like to hear back from you – did you find tutorial useful? Is something missing? What do you use Netbeans for? Did upgrade from older NetBeans worked well?


16 responses to “Installing Netbeans 6.5 on Linux – Ubuntu

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  2. y habra alguna forma de actualizar de la version 6.1 a la 6.5…

  3. hola lionhe@rt,

    lo que ocurre es que no haces actualizacion de NetBeans de la version 6.1 a la 6.5. Las dos versiones guardan su configuracion en distintas carpetas: HOME/.netbeans/[NUMERO DE VERSION].

    Cuando terminas instalacion, NetBeans va a ofrir posibilidad de importar configuracion de la version anterior.

    En mi caso, datos de proyectos, bases de datos y servidores eran importadas sin problemas.

    Este proceso no cambia configuracion de la version 6.1, asi que pedes usar ambas en mismo tiempo sin problemas.


  4. Gracias por el dato newsintegrator

    asumo entonces que al instalar la nueva version e importar mi carpeta de la version 6.1 podria desinstalar la version anterior sin mayores problemas aunque me da curiosidad que en la pestaña de ayuda haya un apartado para buscar actualizaciones… de nuevo, gracias 😉

  5. Hola lionh@rt,

    como siempre, debes hacer un backup antes de proceder con la instalacion.


  6. Thanks! Worked great! The only thing is that

    chmod + x

    didn’t work, but I ran:

    chmod +x

    (+x rather than + x) and for some reason that did it. Otherwise, this is a very well put together tutorial.

    Thanks again!

  7. Hi Lyceum,

    thank you for correction. I have fixed the typo in both English and Spanish versions of article.

  8. thanks, this was exactly what i was looking for…

  9. thanks,,,,

  10. For Ukrainian developers, short overview of Netbeans 6.5 in Ukrainian –

  11. it helps me a lot. thanks for this..:D

  12. it helps me a lot. thanks for this..:D

  13. Thank you very much. This helped alot. I am expecting more features from you like spring,hibernate,ejb etc. Once again Thank you very much.

  14. Thank You very much
    it helps me alot

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